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A situationship can be any romantic relationship that is undefined or does not require commitment from both partners. Situationships can become a relationship if the partners eventually develop emotional feelings for each other. Situationships are not all good or all bad, you have to know what you want and what you do not what while in a situationship. When you are in a situationship, you are likely to;

  • See other people
  • Be confused
  • Make short-term decision
  • Have no future with the other person

Reasons why people are in a situationship

  • It could be as a result of a resent breakup: when people breakup with their partners and find comfort in another person who is the opposite sex, they often get into an informal relationship with them because they consoled them in their hard times.
  • Do not want a serious relationship: especially for people who travel around, they don’t find the need to have a serious relationship with people if they are going to end up leaving them because of what they do. They might go on casual dates without wanting anything serious to do with the other person


A relationship on the other hand, is defined and the partners are emotionally connected. A healthy relationship is enhanced through communication aside genuine intentions, commitment and respect. Depending on how the relationship is defined, partners can hardly see other people outside the relationship.

Reasons why people are in a relationship

  • Physical attraction: most often, people go into relationship with others they find attractive
  • Affection: sharing an emotional feeling or affection for one another can lead to a relationship
  • Have long-term plans: when they share a common goal for the future they are likely to be in a relationship

Having a healthy relationship and knowing what you want is very important in every relationship. While you know what you want, you should be aware of what your partner wants. Be aware that, you are allowed to back out of a situationship if you are no longer interested.

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