You Mum wakes you up by spanking your ass for over sleeping. Then you do all that is needed to be done like chores and set off for school with you buddies. You are late because your other buddy wasn’t done and you all had to wait for him to finish. On arrival at school “Numbers” has been given out to those who reported early, you and your late coming buddies will be beaten before school ends.

You join the rest of the students for morning assembly.

After singing the national anthem and saying the national pledge, “Inspection” follows. The teachers on duty that week goes around with Cane or Belt depending on how ghetto you school is. You have long finger nails, so you been asked to go and knee in front of all the students. You best friends socks is dirty he’s been asked to join you. The next guy also joins you for not tacking in his shirt properly. Ama join you for not brushing her teeth. Kofi takes a knock on the head and asked to tie his shoe place well.

Then the teachers whips let me call it “lashes” (for my fellow Ghanaians reading ) all those asked to stand in front of the assembly 5 times. You then match like soldiers to your various classes singing “We are matching to our classes” lol.

Of cause the boys need to match behind the girls.

Just as you try to sit with your burning “behind” you class teacher walks in majestically and shout “MENTAL (An Oral Mathematics Quiz” put everything away. The innocent and brilliant kids sitting up front are asked to recite multiplication of 4, the next person does multiplication of 5 (The easiest after multiply of 10 lol) , next does 6, 7, 8, 9 and you know you are fucked! because you are sitting at the 7th row and must do multiplication of 12. Lol

The teach gets to you and shout “Yess Kweku 12 Times” with my ass still burning from the lashes you took at the assembly, you open and stretch out your palm to take your 6 lashes for not failing to recite 12 times ( Multiplication of 12). Take an extra lash on you head for always failing to recite. You sit down angry, palm and behind burning. You manage to take first two lessons go for a 30mins break and come back to class. You hear some students from the next class shouting and crying. You look at your buddy and the expression on his face worsens you fear, next the Head Master (Principal) walks in with the school prefect carrying a bundle of canes.

Principal also shout “If you know you are owing school fees stand up” he ask you to politely walk to the front of the class. He then ask you to hold the teachers table and don’t let go else he will recount the 10 whooping he is giving you. Watching you friend get beaten, you slip your exercise book into you pant. Position it well on your ass to avoid the thunder strokes. You head master master notice on the first while that there’s something there so he moves to you back instead of ass.

You take all 10 strokes pretending not to cry, walk to your desk pack all your belongings and head home.

Growing up in Ghana isn’t easy! The mental and physical challenge to you as a kid isn’t easy.

I’ve grown up to suspect a lot of students suffered depress but didn’t know because there was no way to diagnose.

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